I have a fascination with the disposable and crinkled, the destructed, accidental and misfitted. Whether it is people, with their emotions and actions or it is in the things and objects around me -this fascination counterbalance and resonate with the dualism of an upbringing on a diet of Scandinavian Design aesthetics.

Today's material culture are boasting a century of industrial development into morphing meanings of material mixes. I am interested in the representation, properties and meanings of material and how these might change. Remixed from knowhow, curiosity and intuition I process and transform stuff.

In a mashup society of abundance, consumption and change, the freedom of movement and portability of our identities, require navigation skills beyond the conventional. I am fascinated by the potential, presence and emotional impact of ‘stuff’ in our lives. The everyday ephemeral, fleeting gestures and matter that make us and essentially shape our culture are often overlooked.

Via engaging, direct approaches matter and material transform. By encrusting, encapsulating and solidifying these familiar things I seek to challenge and offer changes in perception.