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Wednesday & Thursday 12pm - 5.30pm
or by appointment


Naboløs 1
1206 København K, DK

Naboløs 1
1206 København K, DK


Wednesday & Thursday 12pm - 5.30pm
or by appointment

Size Guide, Materials & Product Care

Don’t know your ring size? Here’s help. Find a round ring that fits you and place on top of a ruler. We want to measure the figure of the inside diameter. 

If you want to doublecheck you can cut a strip of paper to 4 mm more than the of the ring listed next to inside diameter. Mark 2mm at either end and glue together at the overlap in order to create a ring with inside circumference of the size. If it fits without breaking or falling of you have picked the right size. Keep in mind that most people will fit 2-3 different sizes and that hands are affected by seasonal, physical and hormonal changes. 

Ring size

Ring inside diameter (mm)

43 13.5
45 14
46 14.5
47 14.8
48 15
50 15.5
52 16.5
54 17
55 17.5
56 17.8
58 18.8


Therese Mørch Jewellery works in in precious metals, that is 925 sterling silver, 14K solid gold, 18K solid gold. See main menu for Fairmined gold solutions. All precious metals used are free of nickel and are considered recycled and recyclable given their nature and value.
All silver pieces are treated with an anti tarnish layer, to help keep the silver from oxidising. This layer may wear off over time, due to contact with the body, clothes, surfaces and sanitary products. When goldplating it is with 3 microns of 18K over 925 sterling silver. Our plating standards are of highest quality, however the chemistry of bodies and any touchpoints do affect tarnishing and plating wear. Faded gold-plating for that reason does not deem a product faulty. Feel free to bring back your pieces for a check up and re-plating at a reasonable price. 

Precious, semi precious stones and pearls should be worn with care and affection. We always ensure appliance with the Kimberley Process, but seek out different trustworthy suppliers of more sustainable choices of stones.



With the purchase of a Therese Mørch Jewellery piece you have a treasure for life and future generations given the right attendance. We cannot hold it for you and keep you from losing it, but follow these common care guidelines and you'll have something uniquely precious to enjoy and to pass on one day. Common care procedures applying to household and wardrobe items also apply to jewellery. 


Here are some tips:

  • Wear your jewellery like a nice pair of shoes. Put it on as one of the last things before you leave the home and don’t wear them to bed, in the shower, when you graft, swim, shower etc. Don’t splash with chemicals, cleaning agents, oils, moisturisers. Do dance with it, but take it off before sports and allow it to rest in a nice, soft place when the party is over and you go to bed. 

  • Find a nice spot or a box to keep your to jewellery when not wearing it.
  • Take your rings off when washing your hands. Avoid direct contact with beauty products like - soap, hand sanitizer, perfume, oils and moisturiser. 
  • Remove jewellery when doing your household tasks. Avoid impact with hard surfaces as much as possible.
  • If you don’t wear it for a while air tight storage will help keep them from oxidising, a zip lock bag in a box will do. Solid gold won’t tarnish.
  • Periodic, gentle cleaning/polishing helps. Gently wipe your jewellery clean with a soft cloth and coil chains gently to prevent damage in storage.
  • A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, as they say. You can’t really be too cautious with chains. Before putting it on, allow it to unfold by holding it with one hand at the clasp to hang freely. With the other hand gently put it on without twisting. 
  • Never put chain in your pockets or press it beyond its’ breaking point. 
  • Wearing more than one chain at the time looks great, but be aware that it may damage the chains, especially the thinner one.
  • Be gentle with opening/closing your earrings. Ask for instructions if they challenge you.
  • Goldplating is unfortunately not ever lasting - an also very individual - so please take care of your pieces. 
  • We’ll recommend silver clean, and a cloth to rinse your jewellery and to remove oxidation very easily.
  • Precious stones are not inseparable from their setting. Therefor carefull when wearing set stones, a misfortunate knock could loosen it. I have to say it as it's happens. 
  • Keep in mind that most sustainable jewellery may be altered and changed with you over time. We design with this in mind. Feel free to enquire about alterations.